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In order to keep a good look to your car, polish it two or three times a year with a good wax polish. Waxing helps to protect the paint, and minimises any harm which may otherwise be done to the paint by chemicals - what's more, it keeps the car looking bright and shiny.

A good car polish and waxing will probably last for three or four months - possibly even six, depending on the use and abuse of the vehicle. Waxing gives your car a good natural shine and shields the paint from a severe environment.

But what is the difference between car wax and car polish? Lots!

A polishing compound contains a mild abrasive to remove light scratches, hard stains, and other impurities on the paint. The best way to get this done is to take the car to a dealer or a repair shop and ask them what they will charge for a detailing package. They are the experts, and will do a much better job than you yourself can. They will buff the car to get rid of any minor scratches using a special polishing compound, and then they will wax it. You will be pleasantly surprised at how new the car looks when you see it.

The quickest way to get a car polish is to take the vehicle to your nearest car wash centre. Most drive-through car washes these days have a final stage, which is waxing. They are not expensive, and some filling stations even offer a free car wash when you spend over a certain amount for petrol. After driving your vehicle into the car wash, it is taken through on a conveyor. First, it gets the high pressure water treatment, then detergent, brushes, and finally the waxing and drying. You may want to give the car a final polish with wax once you get home.

It is a good idea to wax your car right after returning from a car wash. Use a good quality wax, a small soft sponge, and a soft clean yellow duster for the final car polish. Start at the top and work your way down to the bottom.

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