Numatic Cleaning Equipment

Numatic Cleaning Equipment Including Vacuum Cleaners, Floorcare and Janitorial Trolleys

ITS is an award winning Numatic cleaning equipment distributor and dealership in South Africa. We are proud to be associated with their high quality and reliable cleaning products.

Background on Numatic

Their range of industrial cleaning equipment includes from vacuum cleaners to polishing, scrubbing, single disc rotary machines and mopping units as well as housekeeping and janitorial trolleys. Their equipment meets the highest manufacturing standards of the UK and South Africa.
What makes Numatic cleaning equipment different is the material from which the products are manufactured. Their products are made from Structafoam, which is a corrosion resistant material that also contributes to noise reduction. If you thus want robust cleaning equipment that will last for years and will be able to handle even the toughest and most complex cleaning jobs in industrial and commercial settings, the Numatic brand should be your first choice.

Vacuum Cleaners

The Numatic vacuum cleaning equipment are made to last and because the products are manufactured from Structafoam, corrosion is minimized. The equipment is specifically suited for industrial applications ensuring that daily hard work can be handled effectively.
Numatic has also ensured that clients save on energy consumption because of the variable electricity application abilities embedded in the design of their vacuum cleaning equipment.
An example of their vacuum machines is the NuSave range which comes with two switches – on in energy saving mode and full power operation capacity for intense applications. Even if used at the fullest power setting, the machines still save energy. Numatic has shown that the company cares about their environmental footprint with machines that are energy efficient.
The Provac range of vacuum cleaners comes with a bucket system and tray to provide storage space for cleaning chemicals. The range is ideal for saving on usage of additional trolleys for water suck-up. Cleaners love this range because they don’t have to push two trolleys around.

Floorcare Systems

The Numatic cleaning equipment range also includes single disc and rotary machines for the cleaning of hard floor surfaces. With excellent pressure application, more dirt and grime can be removed with ease of operation. Where needed, one can also add accessories such as solution tanks for specific cleaning functions.
The Numatic range of floorcare systems comes with excellent warranties. Indeed, it is part of their policy to ensure client satisfaction. They guarantee their cleaning products to be free from workmanship and material flaws.
The Numatic vacuum cleaners come with two year warranties and the janitorial systems and housekeeping trolleys with one year warranties. Their Twintec and Twinsweep also carry one year warranties. The Vario TTV678 carries a two year warranty and the floor polishing machines as well. Accessories and spare part replacement comes with a six month guarantee. The warranties start from the date of purchase and don’t include consumable parts such as brushes which become replaceable during normal working of the equipment.
The Numatic Twintec machines warrant a special mention because of their reliability. With extra strong stainless steel chassis and clean and dirty water tanks part of the design, the machines are perfect for heavy duty application. The machines have a lifespan of around twenty years, making them excellent cleaning equipment investments. The machines provide superior floor maintenance capabilities and with the battery operated versions, the cleaner also has a lot of movement ability.

Numatic Housekeeping and Janitorial Trolleys

Ensure optimal cleaning and housekeeping with the wide range of equipment available from Numatic. The NuKeeper Twin models for housekeeping include soft ride castors and also bump protection. With the Servo X trolleys, folding up can be done for easy storage. Hotels and hospitals love the integrated laundry bag systems. One also has the option of colour coding to ensure that whites go with whites or that different room clothes and bedding go in colour specific bags. The laundry bags can be removed and the systems neatly folded for minimal space usage.
In terms of janitorial trolleys, Numatic offers a range suitable for various applications. The Twinmop 2815 is the first complete dual bucket mopping system and has been patented as Automatic Water Separation System.
Whether you need industrial vacuum cleaners, floorcare systems or janitorial and housekeeping trolleys you will want to purchase Numatic cleaning equipment for commercial and industrial usage.

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