Cleaning Elevator Pits

Importance Of Cleaning Elevator Pits For Safe Operation

Cleaning elevator pits should be a priority in building maintenance, especially at industrial sites. Elevator pits are hazardous areas, and simply put, natural collectors of dust and debris. As such cleaning elevator pits forms priority for safety purposes.

If the elevator pits are not cleaned properly every three to six months, fire risks increase. The dust build-up combined with the friction of equipment is a tremendous fire risk. All that is needed is enough friction build-up, one spark and the debris can catch fire.

Cleaning elevator pits should be done professionally. Dust and debris build-up will also interfere with equipment operation and can create situations where elevator maintenance must be done on a more regular basis simply because dust particles have caused problems with the working of elevator parts.

Apart from the fact that garbage must be removed when cleaning elevator pits, grease must be removed from all the rails and the counterweight. Grease build-up is just as dangerous as dust build-up. Oil often collects under the counterweight cage and must be removed for safety purposes. The shaft door must be wiped and the pits sanitized. Another reason for cleaning elevator pits is water collection in the pit areas. The pit must be kept dry at all times to ensure longevity of the equipment.

Equipment For Cleaning Elevator Pits

It is essential to invest in the right equipment for cleaning elevator pits including industrial vacuum cleaners, floor scrubbers, and grease removal equipment. We provide a wide range of brand equipment for cleaning elevator pits. Each of the machines have been tested and with our years of experience in supplying to industrial plants and mines, we can provide you with guidance in selecting the most appropriate equipment for cleaning elevator pits.

Contact us today for a list of relevant equipment for cleaning elevator pits, details about the machinery and quotes.

Featured Cleaning Equipment

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    Kärcher HD 5.15C
    High Pressure Cleaner

  • Vortex Upholstery Cleaner

    Vortex 77L Carpet &
    Upholstery Cleaner

  • Puzzi 10/1 (New)

    Puzzi 10/1 Spray
    Extraction Cleaner

  • 1SWS Scrubber/ Polisher

    Vortex 1SWS
    Scrubber & Polisher

  • HFM 150 RPM

    Numatic 150 RPM
    Scrubber & Polisher

  • BR 40.10 C Compact

    Kärcher BR 40.10 C
    Compact Auto Scrubber

  • PVT390A - Provac (Dry)

    PVT390A - Provac (Dry)
    Vacuum Cleaner

  • NKL16 FF Housekeeping

    Numatic NKL16 FF
    Housekeeping Trolley

  • TM2815W Trolley

    Numatic TM2815W
    Janitorial Trolley

  • KM70.15C Compact

    Kärcher KM70.15C
    Compact Scrubber Drier

  • Kärcher DE 4002
    Professional Steamer

  • Revolution

    Revolution Industrial
    Steam Cleaner

  • Kärcher K55 Cordless Broom

    Kärcher K55 Domestic
    Cordless Broom