Cleaning Of Lime Plants

Cleaning Of Lime Plants With Industrial Vacuums

Industrial vacuum cleaners are ideally suited to the cleaning of lime plants. A great amount of dust is created in the production of lime and it can be very difficult to remove using normal cleaning methods. There are a wide range of industrial vacuum cleaners that have been designed and manufactured to take care of effectively clearing away these large amounts if dust in the cleaning of lime plants.

The first feature that you need in industrial vacuums for the cleaning of lime plants is superior extraction power. This is important so that even the smallest particles of lime dust are removed during the vacuuming process. The small particles of dust can however cause the filters in the industrial vacuum to become clogged easily. You will probably require an industrial vacuum cleaner that does not require a filter or choose one with a filter that can handle the lime dust. Do not use water filtering industrial vacuums for the cleaning of lime particles as the dust and water will simply mix to form a thick sludge that can harden into a cement-like material. Remember that lime was used as mortar in construction long before cement was even invented.

The space constraints on your lime production premises also needs to play a role in the type of industrial vacuum you choose for the cleaning of lime plants. You will want to purchase the largest machine that can be accommodated in your lime plant to give you the maximum power output. The larger the container on the vacuum machine you choose, the more efficient the cleaning of lime plants will be. This means that you won’t have to empty the container unit allowing the lime dust to be sucked away much faster.

For further information on the type of vacuums that are suitable for the cleaning of lime plants, you can simply contact us.

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