Vacuum Cleaning Processing Kilns

Cost-Effective & Efficient Vacuum Cleaning Of Processing Kilns

For those who aren’t aware, a kiln is a type of oven, often referred to as a “chamber” where a controlled amount of heat is produced. These kilns are used in the processing and manufacturing fields for tasks such as burning, drying or even hardening materials. There are of course specific uses of processing kilns which include the drying of green lumber so that it can be immediately used, heating of wood to enable charcoal production, cremation, forming glass, fusing metallic oxide paints to glass surfaces, drying out hops and barley prior to the fermentation process, heating limestone during cement production and even the drying of tobacco leaves for making cigarettes.

These are just a few of the uses of processing kilns on a world wide scale. Those who work in these industries will need to be trained in the task of vacuum cleaning processing kilns regularly to ensure that all processes are carried out hygienically and effectively.

The vacuum cleaning of processing kilns is not something that just anyone can do. You need to ensure that your staff members are well trained in the process and that they are aware of what type of vacuum cleaner to use for each task. As there are different types of processing kilns being used in a variety of manufacturing and production applications, it is important to speak to the professionals about which industrial vacuum cleaners are best suited to the task of cleaning your specific type of kiln.

ITS Africa is a local company that stocks a range of Kärcher, Numatic and Sibilia vacuum cleaners. Each of these brands of vacuum cleaner is available for hire and purchase.

If you are looking for the right equipment for the effective vacuum cleaning of processing kilns then take the time to contact ITS Africa. Allow them to provide you with the perfect vacuum cleaner, accessories and cleaning aids to ensure that your processing kiln is kept in tip top condition at all times.

Featured Cleaning Equipment

  • HD 5.15C Compact

    Kärcher HD 5.15C
    High Pressure Cleaner

  • Vortex Upholstery Cleaner

    Vortex 77L Carpet &
    Upholstery Cleaner

  • Puzzi 10/1 (New)

    Puzzi 10/1 Spray
    Extraction Cleaner

  • 1SWS Scrubber/ Polisher

    Vortex 1SWS
    Scrubber & Polisher

  • HFM 150 RPM

    Numatic 150 RPM
    Scrubber & Polisher

  • BR 40.10 C Compact

    Kärcher BR 40.10 C
    Compact Auto Scrubber

  • PVT390A - Provac (Dry)

    PVT390A - Provac (Dry)
    Vacuum Cleaner

  • NKL16 FF Housekeeping

    Numatic NKL16 FF
    Housekeeping Trolley

  • TM2815W Trolley

    Numatic TM2815W
    Janitorial Trolley

  • KM70.15C Compact

    Kärcher KM70.15C
    Compact Scrubber Drier

  • Kärcher DE 4002
    Professional Steamer

  • Revolution

    Revolution Industrial
    Steam Cleaner

  • Kärcher K55 Cordless Broom

    Kärcher K55 Domestic
    Cordless Broom