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We are an active contributor to the following organisations:

The Hope Factory

The Hope Factory assists individuals from previously disadvantaged backgrounds.

Through an Interview and Selection Process, existing entrepreneurs are selected to join our Enterprise Development Programme and capitalize on the array of services on offer to assist them in enterprise development.

Those who are potential entrepreneurs are selected to join the equipping phase.

Equipping Phase
The Equipping phase for potential entrepreneurs consists of 20 weeks of business, technical and life skills training. This phase is accompanied by extensive mentorship and guidance throughout. After the 20 week 'Equipping' phase, the learners graduate.

Assessment and Review
Through the Assessment and Review process, the graduates either continue to the next phase or exit into the formal sector.

Entrepreneurial Development Phase

The remaining graduates are assisted in registering their business, and join our existing entrepreneurs in the Entrepreneurial Development Phase. This phase consists of a bouquet of services underpinned by ongoing mentoring and business development, which include; network opportunities, workshops, seed CAPEX investments, access to markets support and further business training.

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Compass Community Provision And Social Services

Compass is a nationally recognized and registered organization through the Government in South Africa.

The Compass team have researched the culture of charity on a global scale and pressure of the global socio-economic climate has forced the lower levels of society outside of our socio-economic structure. The result is that the poor, homeless, unemployed & uneducated live by their own rules & understanding of society, because of the lack of access into our world order and systems.

Out of this naivety and desperation to survive, crime, corruption, abuse and lawlessness are born. The ones who suffer the most are the innocent babies that are born into this current world order.

They recognize that even the heads of governments find it difficult to raise funds for their own countries. The key solution lies within the charities and Non-Profit Organizations (NGO's) that have access to funding and are actually willing to do the work required and not leave everything up to the government.

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