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Our Floorcare Range - Made to shine!

Scrubber driers are indispensable assets for all businesses. They are ideal for the perfect cleaning and care of both hard and elastic floors, including deep cleaning, maintenance care and polishing.

Our range includes rotary single disc machine, walk-behind- and ride-on auto scrubbers from trusted brands such as Kärcher and Numatic. We also service and supply spares and accessories for your existing floorcare equipment.

Contact us today for professional floorcare equipment and service.

Kärcher Floorcare Range

  • Karcher Single Disc

    Single Disc Floor Scrubbers

    - Scrubbing and crystallising
    - Shampooing & polishing
    - Powerful motors

    - Robust planet carrier
    - High torque
  • Karcher compact scrubber driers

    Compact Range Scrubber Driers

    - Ideal for smaller areas.
    - Self-explanatory controls.
    - Scrubs and picks up water.
    - Can be used for polishing too.
    - Adjustable contact pressure

  • Karcher Walk-Behind Scrubber Driers

    Walk-Behind Scrubber Driers

    - Configurable machines
    - Mains or battery operation

    - Commercial & industrial use.
    - Programmable operator setting
    - Polising & scrubbing.

  • Karcher Ride-On Scrubber Driers

    Ride-On Scrubber Driers

    Highly compact ride-on scrubber drier for effortless use on medium and large areas. Available with disc brushes or roller brushes with sweeping mechanism.

  • Step-On Scrubber Driers

    Step-On Scrubber Driers

    Kärcher step-on scrubber driers make floor cleaning a walk in the park. The ergonomic standing position and intuitive operation eliminates job fatigue..

  • Karcher Floor Polishers

    Rotary Disc Floor Polishers

    When polishing smooth, high-gloss floors, our ultra high-speed machines achieves a level of productivity up to 30% greater than conventional high-speed machines.

Numatic Floorcare Range

  • Numatic Single Disc Scrubber Driers

    Rotary Floor Scrubber / Polishers

    SABS apprived equipment with unique Structafoam Design: Tough, durable, and corrosion resistant with noise reduction characteristics.

  • Numatic Waslk-Behind Auto Scrubbers

    Walk-Behind Auto Scrubbers

    Numatics' Twintec range provides power & performance where it’s needed coupled with simplicity of operation.

  • Numatic Ride-Ons Scrubber Driers

    Ride On Auto Scrubbers

    The most user friendly ride-ons around, packed with sound common sense engineering yet bristling with technology.

  • Kärcher BR 40/10 C

    Kärcher BR 40/10 C
    Compact Scrubber

  • Kärcher B40C BP D43

    Kärcher B40C BP D43
    Auto Scrubber

  • Kärcher B90R

    Kärcher B90R
    Ride-On Scrubber

  • Numatic HFM 1530

    Numatic HFM 1530
    Rotary Single Disc

  • Numatic TT1840

    Numatic TT1840
    Electric Auto Scrubber

  • Numatic TT4045

    Numatic TT4045
    Electric Auto Scrubber

  • Vortex 1SWS Scrubber Polisher

    Vortex 1SWS
    Scrubber / Polisher