Hammelmann  Aluminium Industry Solutions 

HAMMELMANN equipment is used for many applications and companies across a range of industries that have put our technology to good use. Mining, quarrying, construction, steel and energy are just some of the many industries that find applications for our high pressure pumps and other equipment. We are specialists at designing pumps for water jet cutting, a process in which water is used to cut through materials that are sensitive to high temperatures and the other methods generally used to cut. It involves the use of extremely high pressure water pumps that blast water often in unison with an abrasive substance. Examples of industries that apply water jet cutting include the aliminium industry.

Cleaning application examples include:
- Heat exchanger cleaning
- Vessel cleaning with semiautomatic equipment up to 1500 bar
- Removing waste product build up from pipelines
- Removal of extremely hard scaling from various production tanks and vessels
- Surface preparation on industrial structures
- Filter cleaning and cold cutting of pipes and vessels.
Below are some other applications for Hammelmann high pressure equipment:



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