Hammelmann Construction Industry Solutions


Our state of the art high pressure pumps, process pumps and water jet technology is used for numerous applications in many industries including mining, ship repair, construction, and petrochemical processing. It is the multi-functionality of Hammelmann systems that has led to the incredible success story of our Hammelmann products. See below industry solutions: 

- Concrete removal i.e. reinforcing bar exposure
- Cleaning natural stone walling
- Cleaning heat exchangers and process coolers
- Expansion joint removal
- Floor cleaning and laitence removal.
- Removing of all types of coatings from walls and floors.
- Roughening and preparing concrete and stone surfaces.
- Cutting metal structures and access ways..
- Sewer cleaning, and cleaning moulds, mixers and ready mix delivery trucks.
- Selective removal of surfacing i.e. concrete, plater.



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