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High pressure cleaners sales and service.

For more power with less consumption. For longer service life with shorter cleaning times. Our versatile high pressure cleaners range meets every requirement: Cold water or heated, with electric or combustion engine, mobile or stationary. Browse through our range online or contact us for swift assistance.


  • Hammelmann Ultra High Pressure Cleaners

    Ultra High Pressure Pumps

    Hammelmann have been the industry leader in water jet cutting technology for over 60 years. Pressure- and process pumps range from 200 Bar to 3800 Bar.

  • Oertzen Ultra High Pressure Cleaners

    Ultra High Pressure Cleaners

    Where the efficiency of standard units comes to a limit, OERTZEN continues. Oertzen offers the complete range of ultra high pressure cleaners for industry.

Featured Equipment

  • HD 5/15C Compact

    HD5/15C Cold Water
    Single Phase-150 Bar

  • HD 6/15C Compact

    HD6/15C Cold Water
    Single Phase-190 Bar

  • HD 7/18C Compact

    HD 7/18C Cold Water
    3 Phase-175 Bar

  • HD 6/16-4M Middle Class Cold Water

    HD 6/16-4M Cold Water
    Single Phase-160 Bar

  • HD9/20-4M Middle Class Cold Water

    HD 9/20-4M Cold Water
    3 Phase-200 Bar

  • HD 10/21-4S Super Class Cold Water

    HD 10/21-4S Cold Water
    3 Phase-210 Bar

  • HD 10/25-4S Super Class Cold Water

    HD 10/25-4S Cold Water
    3 Phase-250 Bar

  • HD 801 B Petrol High Pressure Cleaner

    HD 801B Petrol
    Honda 150 Bar

  • HD 7/16-4 Cage

    HD 7/16-4 CAGE
    3 Phase- 110 Bar