High Pressure Cleaners

Hot And Cold Water High Pressure Cleaners

high pressure cleanersHigh pressure cleaners are manufactured as both hot water and cold water models. In most instances, a multi-piston axial pump generates water pressure, which is dispensed through a pressure-controlled spray lance to remove dirt like mould, dust, grime or mud. The best high pressure cleaners approach working pressures of 250 bar and should be treated with respect, because the high-pressure water jet can cause severe injury.

Care should also be taken when using high pressure cleaners to clean asphalt, because the water jet can penetrate cracks and break up the surface. There should also be a reliable and strong water supply that exceeds the demand, because if a high pressure washer is fed with too little water, pump cavitation occurs, which can wreck the pump. Most of these cleaners are electric, but there are petrol-driven cleaners too, for use in places where there is no electrical supply.

High pressure cleaners are often used to clean buildings and monuments. Different nozzles can be fitted to render a water jet with the type of pattern that is best for cleaning what you want to clean. Some pressure cleaners are powerful enough to remove very tough grime and even graffiti from walls. Depending on the machine, a detergent may be added to aid the cleaning effort.

These cleaners use considerably less water than a normal hose, because high pressure is combined with a very small nozzle to create a high-speed jet that cleans a surface effectively with very little water going to waste. The high pressure loosens grime far more easily than a low-speed stream of water from a garden hose, for instance. Kärcher is currently the largest manufacturer of high pressure cleaners in the world.

Many hot water and cold water high pressure cleaners are available, depending on your requirements and budget, and whether you just need something around the house or to perform heavy-duty cleaning in an industrial environment.

High Pressure Cleaners – Some Useful Tips

When you are planning to buy high pressure cleaners, there are a few tips that will help you to choose them and use them well. Since these devices are available in a wide range of models, each with very different capabilities, the selection process will need to be aimed at meeting your most likely needs whilst, at the same time, conforming to the limits of your budget. In other words you want a solution that is both task-efficient and cost-effective.

Since, for most people today, time tends to mean money, high pressure cleaners can help to tip the important process of managing the limited time you may have available in your favour.

The first sound piece of advice is to settle for nothing less than a top quality product. While Kärcher was the inventor of these devices and still remains a top innovator in this field, Vortex also offers a very reliable product that has gained wide acceptance. Both of these leading product ranges are available throughout South Africa from ITS Africa outlets in each of the nine provinces.

If your high pressure cleaner is for home use, the best tip is to choose an entry level or medium rated model. The smaller will strip the mud from mountain bike in seconds and is sufficient for most clean-up operations where you may would normally a garden hose but many times more efficient. If you are addicted to a spot of weekend bundu-bashing, then try the medium range models to keep that 4x4 or RV in showroom condition.

The high pressure cleaners have interchangeable tips or nozzles that make offer a narrow, concentrated jet for those awkward nooks and crannies or a broad jet for covering larger areas, such as walls, quickly and easily.

How to Use Your Pressure Washer Safely and Effectively

The fact that these devices operate under compression is reason enough for same basic caution and one of the most important requirements for health and safety purposes is to ensure never to direct the jet at another person. For similar reasons, among high pressure cleaners’ most important safety tips is to ensure that they are always kept well out of the reach of children.

The pressures generated by these devices can easily dislodge small stones or pieces of glass and propel them with considerable velocity so it is best to use them when others are at a safe distance from the area being cleaned.

Where soiling is heavier and where oil or grease may be consistently present, tougher action may be called for. A high pressure cleaner using hot water may be enough to tip the balance or it could prove necessary to introduce some specialized grease-cutting detergent into the compression chamber so a model with one or both of these options may be required.

The size of the task is also important. For large areas, you could find it necessary to refill the water tank frequently, causing delays, whereas purchasing a model with a larger capacity tank would clearly have provided a better solution.

High pressure cleaners offer one of the most effective cleaning solutions for both domestic and industrial use. Take note of these tips before you buy and be sure to consult ITS Africa for quality products.

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