Oertzen High Pressure Cleaners

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High pressure cleaners have a multitude of uses. If you have a mouldy driveway, dirty roof, oil spills in factories or dirt build up on walls, a high pressure cleaner will serve its purpose perfectly. Oertzen high pressure cleaners are a trusted brand on the market and can be trusted to produce a substantial water pressure to clean and strip areas of dirt and grime.

A standard high pressure cleaner’s water spray is controlled by a controlled gun trigger. Oertzen high pressure cleaners have been available on the South African market for over 60 years and have been providing cleaning solutions to industry and trade businesses. This particular type of high pressure cleaner is designed to provide the user with a convenient and easy cleaning experience. The unit is a basic workhorse that offers an effortless control system and user friendly operating set up. No training is required for making use of this pressure cleaner.

ITS Africa stocks a range of well priced Oertzen high pressure cleaners that are in excellent condition. They are available for both sale and hire and are guaranteed to provide you with a flawless cleaning tool. While it doesn’t take great skill to effectively operate a pressure cleaner there are a few things that need to be taken into advice:

  • Take care when cleaning areas with loose paint with a high pressure cleaner. Be sure to test the area before you clean the entire area.
  • Make sure to use the right nozzle for certain areas – this will eliminate the potential for unnecessary damage.
  • Remember to never point a high pressure cleaner at your face or feet. The pressure of the water is usually very high and can cause injury or damage.

If you are looking for a range of Oertzen high pressure cleaners then take the time to contact ITS Africa and chat to them about their rates for Oertzen high pressure cleaners.

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