Discover the Kärcher High Pressure Cleaners for Yourself

The brand Kärcher has been around for many years now and they have grown to become a world leader in top quality cleaning equipment that is designed to meet even the toughest standards when it comes to cleaning. Even heavy duty jobs with soiled vehicles that are covered in mud and dirt can be washed and cleaned up to look like new in no time.

They have a full range of cleaning equipment and products that can be used for any job you need. You can clean the windows on high rise buildings, or you can rinse down those mammoth tipper trucks that get used for the mining and construction industries. Road construction vehicles get covered in bitumen and tar, which, under normal circumstances, would be nearly impossible to get off.

In these instances a high pressure cleaner comes in handy because it has the ability to remove dirt under enough force to leave the surface dirt-free afterwards. It’s quite practical in most instances where you don’t have to worry about everything getting wet, because the water gets everywhere. If you have electrical wiring close by or you have mechanical parts that should not get wet, then you would need to opt for a slightly different Kärcher cleaner.

Let’s Take a Look the Different Types Available

Even though the Kärcher high pressure cleaners are designed to be used in a wide variety of different industries, including trade and agriculture, they have managed to narrow it down to just 3 categories that all function in the same way. The only difference is the temperature of the water and whether or not the device is mobile or not.

Each category has its own variations in terms of power and application to allow you the flexibility of choice when you are deciding which one to buy. If you are going to be installing it in a car wash then you need a stationary one that has the pipes connected to the roof of the wash bay so your workers can get around the car easily. Using them as floor cleaners inside restaurant kitchens would require high pressure, heated water to help clean and sterilise the surface.

The bigger the job, the more water and pressure you need to get it done right. You would need to opt for a higher class cleaner that is able to handle high flow rates and can heat water quickly enough to get started right away. The high end models have been used to remove tar and bitumen off from road construction vehicles and the heated, pressurised water also works well to sterilise most working surfaces making it particularly useful for cleaning inside bakeries for example.

Kärcher Has Been in the Game for Quite Some Time

The Kärcher name has been around since the early 30s where the original designer was working submersible heating elements. He did not get to see the history of his company name unfold as time went by. His designs were reworked and combined with other technologies that helped produce some of the most useful industrial cleaning equipment that is available on the market to date.

They have products that can be used for commercial and domestic purposes, meaning you can take them into your home and use them for super cleaning your tiled floors or removing mildew in the shower and around the bathroom.

You can even use them to wash your car at home, giving it the full valet service that it deserves and if you are doing the work yourself, then you can ensure that it gets done properly. The practical applications are endless and as long as you choose the right pressure cleaner for the job you won’t go wrong.

Featured Cleaning Equipment

  • HD 5.15C Compact

    Kärcher HD 5.15C
    High Pressure Cleaner

  • Vortex Upholstery Cleaner

    Vortex 77L Carpet &
    Upholstery Cleaner

  • Puzzi 10/1 (New)

    Puzzi 10/1 Spray
    Extraction Cleaner

  • 1SWS Scrubber/ Polisher

    Vortex 1SWS
    Scrubber & Polisher

  • HFM 150 RPM

    Numatic 150 RPM
    Scrubber & Polisher

  • BR 40.10 C Compact

    Kärcher BR 40.10 C
    Compact Auto Scrubber

  • PVT390A - Provac (Dry)

    PVT390A - Provac (Dry)
    Vacuum Cleaner

  • NKL16 FF Housekeeping

    Numatic NKL16 FF
    Housekeeping Trolley

  • TM2815W Trolley

    Numatic TM2815W
    Janitorial Trolley

  • KM70.15C Compact

    Kärcher KM70.15C
    Compact Scrubber Drier

  • Kärcher DE 4002
    Professional Steamer

  • Revolution

    Revolution Industrial
    Steam Cleaner

  • Kärcher K55 Cordless Broom

    Kärcher K55 Domestic
    Cordless Broom