Kärcher® Is The Biggest Maker Of Cleaning Equipment

Kärcher® has been supplying top quality cleaning equipment for over 75 years since the company's founding in 1935. The company had started out manufacturing submersible industrial heating elements, but soon started developing and producing a large range of high pressure cleaning products. In fact, Kärcher® is held in such high esteem that the name has become a verb: to “Kärcherise” something means to clean it properly.

Kärcher® has also been involved in several restorative cleaning projects that were reported on extensively in the media, like the cleaning of cultural monuments like Mount Rushmore in the United States and the Berlin Brandenburg Gate in Germany. In fact, Kärcher® has developed market-leading products to assist you with virtually any cleaning operation in any residential or industrial setting.

Although Kärcher® is best known for its hot and cold water high pressure cleaning systems, they also offer other cleaning products, including:

  • Carpet extractor vacuums
  • In-plant stationary systems
  • Scrubber driers
  • Single-disc scrubbers
  • Vacuum cleaners
  • Sweepers
  • Car wash systems

Industrial concerns make extensive use of Kärcher's industrial vacuums, part-cleaning units and tank-cleaning systems too. These reliable cleaners can streamline the operating expenses of many an industrial concern.

Industry is increasingly dependent on top quality cleaning equipment to keep in step with ever-tightening legislation concerning cleanliness and hygiene in the workplace. Kärcher® offers you a wide range of products and has capitalised on the advances made in vac air technology to improve their products no end. However, it is important to carefully consider which product would best serve your requirements.

For example, just choosing a vacuum cleaner requires the user to ask several questions. Does it have to be a wet and dry machine? Should it be portable or very compact? What suction power is sufficient? What accessories to you require? Whatever the answers to these questions, Kärcher® has a product to perfectly compliment your cleaning requirements. For more information, contact us today.

Featured Cleaning Equipment

  • HD 5.15C Compact

    Kärcher HD 5.15C
    High Pressure Cleaner

  • Vortex Upholstery Cleaner

    Vortex 77L Carpet &
    Upholstery Cleaner

  • Puzzi 10/1 (New)

    Puzzi 10/1 Spray
    Extraction Cleaner

  • 1SWS Scrubber/ Polisher

    Vortex 1SWS
    Scrubber & Polisher

  • HFM 150 RPM

    Numatic 150 RPM
    Scrubber & Polisher

  • BR 40.10 C Compact

    Kärcher BR 40.10 C
    Compact Auto Scrubber

  • PVT390A - Provac (Dry)

    PVT390A - Provac (Dry)
    Vacuum Cleaner

  • NKL16 FF Housekeeping

    Numatic NKL16 FF
    Housekeeping Trolley

  • TM2815W Trolley

    Numatic TM2815W
    Janitorial Trolley

  • KM70.15C Compact

    Kärcher KM70.15C
    Compact Scrubber Drier

  • Kärcher DE 4002
    Professional Steamer

  • Revolution

    Revolution Industrial
    Steam Cleaner

  • Kärcher K55 Cordless Broom

    Kärcher K55 Domestic
    Cordless Broom