Kärcher Ice Blasters Make Heavy Duty Cleaning Equipment

Kärcher ice blasters are used for high intensity cleaning purposes on virtually any surface. Not only does it clean the surface but it decontaminates as well. An ice blaster uses compressed air and dry ice pellets to clean off the intended surface with remarkable results, so much so that it is even safe enough to use on cooking and baking equipment.

You might be curious to know why they are using dry ice to blast away at a surface, but when you consider the nature of dry ice itself, you notice that it evaporates into a gas releasing Carbon Dioxide into the air. When you blast a surface with dry ice pellets, you basically pelt the surface with a pellet, removing or dislodging anything stuck to the surface.

Once the pellet has done its job, it simply evaporates and leaves no residue or trace of the dirt or grime that you were trying to remove. The end result is a clean and sanitised surface for you to do with as you please.

Kärcher Ice Blasters Clean Up Real Good

To give you an industrial example of how these Kärcher ice blasters work, you can take a tyre manufacturer. They make use of a rubber mold to shape and form all of their tyres and the rubber often sticks to the mold. It’s is almost impossible to get off by hand and you cannot scrape it out of there because that would cause damage to the mold itself.

Machinery inside a workshop can be cleaned without having to strip the whole machine apart. You can blast your way around a lathe, removing filings and shavings, cleaning out the rotor without causing any damage to its working parts. Even if the ice pellets get stuck inside a few of the nooks and crannies around the machine, you can leave them there and they will disappear within a few seconds.

The high impact of the pellets actually removes every last speck of dirt that is resting on the surface you are cleaning, and once you are done with the cleaning, you will be lefts with a clean and sanitised surface. If you are wondering how something can be blasted against another surface without causing any damage, then all you have to do is look at the dry ice.

The fact that it subliminates at room temperature means that when it hits something with force, it will disintegrate immediately. The impact causes any moveable surface materials to dislodge and be blown away with the rest of the compressed air.

Regardless of how well it cleans, the biggest advantage for commercial users is the fact that there is no downtime when you have to clean all your equipment and machinery.

Kärcher Cleaning Equipment is Legendary in Industry

Kärcher cleaning equipment is an international brand that has established themselves as a company that provides high-end industrial cleaning equipment that is used just about everywhere. In fact, if you have ever taken your car for a wash at one of those automated places, then you have most likely experienced that Kärcher service.

You can purchase items for your home and garden, allowing you to remove excess leaves during autumn. A high pressure hose is a great way to clean up the backyard and it works really well when you are cleaning the car. The increased pressure from the water works really well to get rid of any stubborn marks and dirt.

All of their signature yellow products are eco-friendly and designed to be efficient and effective when it comes to cleaning all kinds of surfaces and as long as you rely on Kärcher to handle your home, business and industrial cleaning needs.

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