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numatic RSB140 rucsac Vac

Across the world applications of the Numatic RucSac vacuum continues to increase.. The tremendous advantage of a cordless RucSac cleaner is without doubt: NO CABLE! This allows the operator to clean in normally hard to reach areas with swiftness and ease, climbing ladders, stairs, high traffic areas, aircraft vacuuming, busses, and even cinemas.

An built-in hand control module is incorporated to allow instantantaneous on/off operation to save maximum power whilst incorporating a battery condition module to allow you to monitor battery reserve as you work.

• 36V cordless vacuum

• Easy access “fly-lead” On/Off switch

• Comfort shoulder strap

• Complete with accessory Kit AA30E

• Battery charge LCD display

Technical Specs

  • Airflow 20 L/sec
  • Capacity 6 L
  • Run time 30min - Charge 3.5 Hours
  • Motor Power 250 W
  • Power 36 Lithium polymer
  • Size 250 x 360 x 550mm
  • Suction 1000 mm
  • Weight 7.3 kg

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