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oertzen E1000 ultra high pressure cleaner

The OERTZEN E1000 ultra high pressure cleaner is one of the most durable and reliable machines available on the market. Its balanced ratio of water flow (temperature) and working pressure perfectly meets all cleaning requirements. The OERTZEN high pressure cleaners conform to all safety regulations which is guaranteed by the CE symbol.

Cold water high pressure cleaner with 3 cyl. inline plunger pump (brass pump head, ceramic plungers) tooth belt drive, maintenance free.

Technical Specs

  • Flow rate max 1090 l/h
  • Unloading pressure 1050 bar
  • Working pressure max 1000 bar
  • Water temperature max cold water
  • Standard voltage 400 V/3~50 Hz
  • Pump speed 1,450 l/min
  • Power source Electric motor
  • Connecting power 32.4 kW
  • Thermo valve -
  • Safety control stop Option
  • Weight 460 kg
  • Dimensions (l x w x h) 1275 x 580 x 1090 mm

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