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Vacuum cleaners ideal for use in difficult conditions, equipped with a cooling lobe pump which allows for a substantial vacuum level. This system is a suction unit to be combined with a pre-separator for material collection. The filter unit is composed of a main filter made of fabric which is electro-mechanically shaken and pocket shaped to reach a suitable surface.

The safety filter is a class M air filter cartridge. Diesel powering of the suction unit makes it operatively independent.

Technical Specs

  • Airflow 2000 mc/h
  • Power 66 Kw
  • Dimensions2540 x 1550 x 2200 mm
  • Safety filter 160000 cm2
  • Flexible tube 80/100 DNi
  • Decompression 7000 DaPa
  • Weight 2200 Kg
  • Cyclone None
  • Fuel tank85L
  • Pump Lobe pump suction apparatus

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