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Experience the power of steam.

A far more reliable and therefore safer alternative to the broad use of chemicals, and one growing in favour with many hospitals and residential homes, is the use of steam sanitising systems. The applications are truly limitless... Clean and sanitize all surfaces in bathrooms, locker rooms, classrooms, kitchens, office buildings and especially healthcare facilities.

The water filtration system in our industrial steam cleaning range is guaranteed to eliminate 99.99% of hazardous extracted germs. ITS can supply you with any of these advanced steam cleaners for your premises today. We will always demonstrate a machine so that you can be completely satisfied that it ideally suits the specific requirements of your business.

Overview Of Our Steam Cleaner Range

  • Vega Plus Industrial Steam Cleaner

    Vega Plus Industrial Steamer

    The powerful vacuum cleaner and super-heated steam delivered at 8 bar pressure makes this the ultimate super cleaner for a wide range of industries.

  • Steam Cleaning Applications

    Contract Cleaning Applications

    Our Range of Industrial Steam Cleaners Provide Cleaning Solutions For Continous Daily Maintenance and achieving the highest standards on a daily basis.

  • Steam Cleaning Applications

    Catering Applications

    Our range of steam cleaning hygiene systems exceed all regulatory food hygiene requirements, enhancing the professionals' own HACCP schemes.