The Benefits of High Pressure Cleaners

The Benefits of High Pressure Cleaners | ITS Africa

With the development of modern technology, cleaning machines have increased by leaps and bounds which revolutionised the cleaning industry. One of the most common solution when it comes to industrial and commercial cleaning are the high pressure cleaners.

A high-pressure water cleaning systems is exactly that; the water is pressurised inside an operating machine. High pressure cleaners provide different levels of cleaning gradients for various materials and surfaces. These cleaning machines range from different capacities from professional heavy duty use to light duty use. High pressure cleaners uses water to create an impact to clean surfaces, instead of using harsh chemicals. The results of high pressure cleaning are proven to be four to five times better than manual labour.

The pressure makes these machines perfect for construction cleaning, cleaning pallets, cleaning farms, pavement cleaning, trucks and so much more. If electricity access is a problem, then there is also engine driven high pressure cleaners that can be used, that do not require electricity.

How does it work?

High pressure cleaners, make use of water molecules that are charged by energy. The machine controls the speed and force in which these molecules are released, resulting in the water becoming an effective and powerful cleaning agent. Therefore, making the water powerful enough to blast away heavy build-up of grime or dirt that would normally be very difficult to remove.


What are some benefits of high pressure cleaning?

  • Ecological friendly: do not use harsh chemicals that will harm the natural environment. High pressure cleaning only uses pressurised water
  • Removes stubborn stains and grime easily such as mineral and lime deposits that occur over time.
  • It is affordable and economical
  • More powerful & faster than conventional cleaning methods

When it comes to high-pressure water cleaning, it is important to hire a professional that guarantees safety of you and your property.


Make sure to hire a professional so that you feel comfortable with who you hire to clean your home or business. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further inquiries regarding our high pressure cleaning service – we are very happy to help you! ITS Africa offers state of the art cleaning machines that are mostly targeted towards the commercial and the industrial sector. ITS Africa has several cleaning machines that are all set to revolutionize the cleaning industry.