Benefits of Cleaning with the Kärcher FC5 Floor Cleaner

The Kärcher FC5 Floor Cleaner offers an excellent cleaning solution that works on practically all types of hard-floors to provide a 2-in-1 wipe and vac approach to cleaning that saves time, works effectively and is simple for anybody to use.

Looking for a Kärcher floor scrubber or drier to cut your cleaning time into a fraction of itself? Try the FC 5 floor cleaner to get the following advantages:

Clean Just About any Type of Dirt

Since the Kärcher FC5 offers a dual wiping and suction function, this cleaner is particularly effective at getting rid of almost all types of dirt. Whether it is loose, dry or damp dirt, it can be suctioned into the device’s dirty water tank, which keeps the cleaner’s rollers consistently clean.

An Exceptional Time-Saver

Since the FC 5 offers a dual wiping and suction function, it eliminates the need to sweep, vacuum and mop, since it offers a solution that does all of them in one action. This makes for huge time-savings when performing daily cleans.

While offering time savings, however, the FC5 can still offer thorough results thanks to specially designed rollers.

Suitable for All Hard Floors

Whether tiles, wood, laminate flooring or any other type of hard floor, the FC5 provides thorough yet gentle cleaning that doesn’t only keep your floors looking newer and cleaner for longer, but also ensure that no damage is suffered to them as a result.

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