Cleaning Decisions that Affect the Profitability of Your Retail Store

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In any business, cleanliness is always an important consideration to make. Where retail businesses are concerned (particularly those that handle fast-moving consumer goods), the need to maintain a perfectly hygienic environment is all the more important. These types of businesses are closely tied to food preparation, which means that protecting the health of customers (and of course your reputation) is a matter of cleanliness.
Though there are specific areas which should be given exceptional attention if you are to maintain a favourable shopping experience for your consumers, which will keep them coming back to you.

Starting at the Entrance

The entrance of your store is one of the first interactions your customers will have with it. It should be regarded as your business card, and you wouldn’t want to hand a torn, stained, faded and ugly business card to a potential client.

Putting your best foot forward means ensuring that this initial interaction is a favourable one. If the entrance to your store resembles a post-apocalyptic scene from Mad Max, you should get to work cleaning it immediately.

Shelves and Aisles

This is where purchasing decisions are made by your customers. If they are eying their favourite brand through a veil of dust, dirt and grime, they may be loath to pick up the product and buy it from you.
So keep your shelves and isles clean, since this is where you will be converting your potential shoppers into paying ones.

Food Preparation

A filthy food preparation area not only puts your customers in danger of illness, but also causes them to turn away and seek a more hygienic supplier. If any area of your shop should be clear of dirt, it should be this one. You don’t want to pick up a reputation as a food-poisoning-monger; now do you?
Impulse Purchase Areas
Impulse purchase areas, those that tempt your customers into throwing that chocolate into their shopping basket, represent a chance to get a little more out of your customers. If they have to fish through old wrappers and some unrecognisable, possibly organic material to get to their guilty pleasure, their conscience may well win out and stop them from buying it.
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Keeping your retail store as hygienic as possible can only do good for your business, which is why it is important for these types of business owners to ensure that they have an effective cleaning solution on hand.
To find out more about sourcing a professionally conducted one, be sure to get into contact with a representative from ITS Africa Simply Clean today, or visit our website for further details on our offers.