Do we Underestimate Housekeeping?

ITS Africa

There are many different departments in the workings of hotels that contribute to a great stay for guests. When you are staying at a five star hotel, simple things like a speedy check-in time or a warm welcome at the  door can greatly improve a guests overall impression of your hotel.  However, one aspect that is very often overlooked and underestimated is the housekeeping.

Housekeeping has the potential to make or break the reputation of your establishment. The way in which your room is tit=died, cleaned and presented to you is in direct relation to the level of service the hotel prides themselves on. Housekeeping has the ability to provide each guest the indication of just how much they are valued.

The level of housekeeping and standards can vary, depending on the rating of the hotel you choose to stay with. Keep in mind that hotels that have various ratings may not provide the exact same service. However, a hotel should not compromise when it comes to the cleanliness of the establishment.

Many different aspects make up housekeeping, such as the cleaning of the guest rooms, carpets, furniture, metal wares, public areas and more. For many hotels both big and small, the staff that take care of the housekeeping are the unsung heroes of the business and they often go unnoticed too. The housekeeping staff make sure that all rooms are cleaned on a daily basis, that they are fully stocked with the in-room amenities and that the common areas like the restaurants and reception are tidy, welcoming and presentable.

Even though the housekeeping staff at hotels do not always interact with the guests, the quality of their service is extremely important when it comes to moulding the experience and memories the guests will take with them after their stay. It is very likely that a guest who has had a wonderful stay at your hotel will return. For any hotel that wants to maintain a high level of success in the hospitality industry, it is extremely important to pay attention to the role of housekeeping staff. Housekeeping is not only about the cleanliness of your hotel, but is in facts about the standard. Time should be dedicated to training your housekeeping staff correctly, as it is one of the most important services a hotel can offer their guests.

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