The Evolution Of Cleaning

The History Of Vacuum Cleaners

Commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners have come a long way in terms of its design and efficiency.

These cleaning devices are used in practically every household, hotel and office space. On top of this, they are used to clean the inside of cars when going for a car wash.

Commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners are vital in keeping our world clean with millions being sold every year.

ITS Africa understands the demand for these cleaning machines and has made it their mission to supply the best quality vacuums and car washing machines to their clients.

Are we able to see where the new commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners have evolved from though?

The answer is yes and interestingly enough the first vacuum cleaner was developed in the 1800s, although the popularity of the device was not high during this period.

Commercial vacuum cleaners took about 100 years in order to become a household commodity. The health benefits that these vacuum cleaners have brought to the house has ensured that people aren’t breathing in so much dirt and dust as in the past.

Interestingly enough, the vacuum cleaners we know today all came from the development of vacuums from engineers and janitors, who wanted to improve the cleaning efficiency of their job.

Commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners of the past were all based on the idea of cleaning dirt and dust, however, the way investors approached the creation of these devices to vary.

The Industrial Revolution brought about commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners for use in factories where huge amounts of a mess, including dust, were affecting workers and their ability to be functional.

The first commercial vacuum cleaner, designed to function independently, was a carpet sweeper.

This device used rotating brushes which would suck up the dirt, pulling it into the container.

After this, in 1869, a new advent to the commercial vacuum cleaner arose, with a machine which was powered by hand, using a fan belt to function.

Thirty years later a gasoline-powered vacuum cleaner was created, however, it did not create a vacuum, rather it would expel air which would move the dirt and dust away.

As time went on we saw that the commercial vacuum cleaner we know today came to be realised in 1901.

Hubert Cecil Booth developed the device by using an internal combustion engine, given energy by a piston pump, suck the air at a volume which could remove the dust and dirt from the surface.

The device functioned by being pulled by a horse. The commercial vacuum cleaner at this time was too large to fit into a room and so only the pipes which would clean were filtered in through the window.

At this time, there was a vacuum cleaner however it was not really at the stage where it could be used in households, this meant that the popularity was still not high.

Four years later the first mobile commercial vacuum cleaner was invented, where it could be used more freely, however, in 1906 James B. Kirby developed the first vacuum which used water, diving the dirt instead of using a filter.

Portable vacuum cleaners were only developed in 1907, as we see that the need for a proper vacuum cleaner was becoming increasingly more urgent.

The device used a rotating brush, harkening back to the 1800s style cleaner, an electric fan and container box and a bag for the dust to be held in.

William Henry Hoover is credited with redesigning the commercial vacuum cleaner, placing it in a metallic box and offering different attachments for the hose, later including disposable filtration bags.

As time progressed we saw new and innovative vacuum systems, turning more and more into the commercial vacuum cleaner of the present day.

Benefits Of Using A Vacuum Cleaner in Your Home


Allergies are a big problem for many people which leaves you feeling drained and congested.

Commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners provide that relief from the dust, dirt and hair which could be flowing through your house, stuck inside your carpets and sitting on your couch.

Your family could be suffering from allergies which may be able to be fixed by regular cleaning with commercial vacuum cleaners.

Having good breathable air is a benefit which can improve your entire mood, with open windows and clean, dust-free living areas, you will be able to see how much healthier and energised you feel.

Dust Mites

Dust mites find themselves in your home frequently and are impossible to spot as they are microscopic. These critters leave behind particles and faecal matter which adds to the problem with allergies.

Commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners which are of high quality can be used to remove these dust mites.

The reason high-quality vacuums are needed is that these mites can actually be difficult to remove, therefore looking out for a top-notch vacuum cleaner will ensure your house is as fresh as possible.

ITS Africa can ensure you that you will find top quality commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners which will get the job done.


Improve The Quality Of Your Skin

Finding out that commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners can actually benefit you in terms of the quality of your skin should make you rush out and buy one.

Alongside the fact that dirt and dust affects your respiratory effectiveness, as well as increases your allergies, it also affects the condition of your skin.

Using commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners with their specific attachments and nozzles will ensure that you are cleaning every nook and cranny in the best way possible.

Improving Your Mental Health

Studies have shown that commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners are able to improve your mental health as having a cleaner, more breathable, home will ensure that the airflow is healthy.

Healthier air coming into your body will mean better air being used in your body.

Cleaning a house or business can seem daunting but at the end of the day, improving your all-round health is better than leaving yourself susceptible to dust and dirt.

Commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners do the job very reliable and their output will ensure that your space is as clear as it can be.

Using A Vacuum Cleaner Provides You With Exercise

This makes sense as using commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners while moving tables, desks, lounge suites and a whole host of other items, as well as actually moving a vacuum cleaner around, will provide you with a good amount of mobility and exercise.

Cleaning is not an easy task and can at times be a big workout for you. Choosing to use commercial and industrial vacuum cleaners will not only benefit your mental health, decrease your allergies and remove harmful bugs such as dust mites, but it will also help you in your physical health.

Benefits Of Industrial Vacuum Cleaners

Industrial vacuum cleaners have become more and more popular, increasing in terms of its need as industries have realised that the health of their employees is as important as their making of profit.

These industrial vacuum cleaners have been specifically designed to help clean businesses rather than simple smaller household spaces.


Ensuring Long Term Costs Go Down

Industrial vacuum cleaners do cost more than commercial vacuum cleaners, however, they are not only made to clean rougher dirt and dust, they do actually save you money in the end.

Like high-pressure cleaners, industrial vacuum cleaners are used in places where it is hard to clean using other means of cleaning techniques.

Industrial vacuum cleaners are reliable, durable and highly efficient cleaners which are designed to be used over long periods of time.

These devices are also created to be used under rough circumstances meaning that these industrial vacuum cleaners are not going to need maintenance continuously.

More Efficient Cleaning Of Larger Areas

Linking back to high-pressure cleaners which are typically used to clean hard to reach areas, at a faster rate and with more efficiency, industrial vacuum cleaners are used to clean large spaces.

The industrial vacuum cleaner has been specifically designed to effectively and completely clean larger areas which have been dirtied through a lot of manufacturing processes.

With oil and sludge sitting on the ground and at times on the wall, the use of industrial vacuum cleaners and high-pressure cleaners remove the dirt swiftly.

Faster Cleaning

Purchasing a high quality industrial vacuum cleaner will help in eliminating the dirt, dust and grime faster than other conventional vacuum cleaners.

These machines have been made to extract the dirt at a high rate, with large areas being cleaned with no hassles.

Being a much larger vacuum, these industrial vacuum cleaners are able to pick up a bigger volume of dirt in a shorter amount of time.

This helps as being able to clean a space quicker means that your employees can get back to work sooner.

Providing Healthier Space

As mentioned above, health is an important factor when living and working in a place. Industrial vacuum cleaners and high-pressure cleaners are used in industries where a lot of dirt and dust is flowing in and out constantly.

The cleaner the air the better an individuals mental and physical health will be. On top of this we see that a persons mood will also be higher, meaning their productivity will be higher, than those in musky spaces.

More Effective Cleaning

The whole goal of cleaning is to ensure that the entire space, every corner and zone is cleaned to the utmost. Industrial vacuum cleaners ensure that the space is not only cleaner but is completely clean

High-pressure cleaners are also used to ensure that hard to reach areas are being washed and cleaned so that the entire area can provide the best amount of airflow possible.

Benefits Of High-Pressure Cleaners

High-pressure cleaners have been spoken about to a degree above, however, these machines are actually very beneficial, for home and work use. Of course, these cleaners are used predominantly in the industry use.

How exactly does a high-pressure cleaner benefit a consumer?

Saving Water

Saving water is not only important as a business, where finding places to cut costs is important in making a profit, but it is also important in terms of helping our ever-growing environmental struggles.

High-pressure cleaners use a pressurising technique which uses less water than conventional water cleaning systems.

Rather than spending money on buying sponges and cleaning chemicals to clean areas which could be cleaned using just water, choosing a high-pressure cleaner will save you water and money.

Time Efficiency

Like most things in life, if you’re able to do things efficiently and in the least amount of time possible, that is the smartest choice.

Normal cleaning can take up a large amount of time where your employees may be unable to work, or at least do their work to the best of their ability.

High-pressure cleaners provide this service as they are not only efficient and reliable, but they are also time savers.


Less Effort Needed

Alongside being time-efficient, need less effort to complete a task, while still completing it in a quality way, is something which many businesses will choose.

High-pressure cleaners provide top quality cleaning and are also able to clean at a more effective rate.

In big industries having to wait for cleaning to be done can cost time and will cost you potential sales which is never good.

ITS Africa is focused on making your business work at an optimal level, while also making sure that your space is as spotless as it can be.

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