The risks of having an unclean workspace

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Nobody likes to think about how much time they spend at work, but in the case of health and hygiene, maybe we should take a second and think. With offices and workspaces growing at an exponential rate it is becoming imperative to maintain and uphold a high level of cleanliness. With more people moving in and out of the workspace, the chances of dirt, grime, clutter and general unpleasantness are increased. Which can lead to serious health risks if left to run rampart.

Harmful germs & bacteria

Lazy or non-existent cleaning practises can create a breading ground for germs and bacteria to grow exponentially in your workspace. Germs can thrive anywhere in the workspace from stained desktops, carpets, tiled floors and door handles, to kitchen tops, cups and cutlery. Failing to uphold the cleanliness of your workspace encourages bacteria and germs to thrive. This can lead to widespread illness in your workforce and for prolonged amounts of time.


Mould occurs in areas where excessive water or moisture is left to accumulate, albeit from water vapour or spillages that were not cleaned up. Mould in the workspace is more likely to develop in areas where there is water, mainly the kitchen and the bathrooms. These two problem areas are because moisture and water are always apparent. Mould in the workplace can lead to many health hazards such as itchiness and throat infections to the formation of rashes, allergic reactions and respiratory problems.


The presence of clutter can be just as harmful as viruses and disease in the workplace. Clutter transmits an unprofessional and lazy work environment, which in turn lowers work morale and the overall motivation of your workforce as a whole.

Let us help you

A clean and tidy workspace will go a long way in keeping your workforce happy, healthy and productive from day to day. Contact ITS Africa for any and all of your everyday cleaning tasks, because we have the solution.