Why Vacuum Cleaning Carpets at The Office Simply isn’t Enough

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Office space cleanliness is an important matter for any business. With such a high concentration and movement of people, germs and bacteria can gather and build-up fairly quickly, making for an unsavoury work environment that is unhygienic, unhealthy, and possibly fraught with odours and contaminants. In this article we will look at one of the most important daily tasks, floor cleaning; particularly with carpets, which a surprising number of businesses only put the bare minimum into. If yours has been doing it with just a mop, broom and vacuum cleaner and not with, for instance, a Kärcher Floor Scrubber, then you may be doing an incomplete job, and here are the reasons why.

You are Not Getting the Deep Clean

Vacuum cleaners, while being the quicker-picker-upper, only provides surface cleaning on carpets. While they may look a little better after this, you should know that only the top layer of the carpet will be cleaned in this way. In the mean-time, all the present contaminants will simply be rubbed more deeply into the carpets. This will damage their fibres over-time, and will do almost nothing when maintaining indoor hygiene.

Vacuums Pass Right Over Mould

Mould and mildew just love making their homes in the fibres of carpets, and the deeper they go, the more stubborn they become. Vacuuming a carpet that has been infested will not only be ineffective at removing mould, but could possibly help spread their spores throughout the room, resulting in more aggressive infections.

Vacuuming Won’t Eliminate Stains</h4

Did somebody spill their cup of coffee, or worse, some brightly coloured drink on the office carpet; that’s not going to come out easily. A vacuum cleaner, no matter how powerful, will literally do nothing to solve the problem. In such cases you may find that only a walk behind floor scrubber will do the trick, since it uses soap and water to clean a surface.

A Vacuum Wont Remove Odours

Carpets and odours often go hand in hand, an unfortunate though universal truth. While vacuum cleaners may get the debris out of surface fibres on a carpet, they won’t remove those contaminants that nestle deeper down, and are responsible for creating odours in indoor spaces. Only a solution that can provide a deep clean will eliminate those.

Contact ITS Africa for a Better Solution

ITS Africa offers a range of far better cleaning solutions for carpets. With a diverse collection of high-quality floor scrubbers, we have everything you need to ensure that you maintain a perfectly hygienic work environment. Contact one of our representatives for details, or be sure to browse our website for additional information.