We only Supply the Best Known Brand name Products

ITS Africa

Our company is the leader in cleaning solutions and carry a number of well known brands of cleaning equipment such as Kärcher, Numatic, Vortex Sibilia, Hammelman, Dulevo and Horger Astroturf  producing Vacuum cleaners, carpet cleaners, Electric brooms and many more.

We have Applications for every Industry

The car wash companies we supply order high pressure cleaners, scrubbers, sweepers, brush ware and good quality cleaning chemicals for their businesses.  All legal water requirements such as recycling of dirty water in high pressure cleaning, are addressed making the process more economical and efficient.

Our clients in the food and health industry insist of extreme cleanliness and hygiene. Trusting us to resolve the hygiene standards they need to maintain. We offer these industries a full maintenance agreement giving them peace of mind at a nominal cost per month.

Cleanliness is paramount in both Domestic and Commercial areas

Which germs lurk in your home? Do you clean your drains regularly or do they need to clog before you attend to the problem? What are the suitable cleaning methods for carpets to prevent risks to your health?  Running a vacuum over the area will not rid you of the pathogens and allergens thriving in the pile. Particularly in an office environment with high traffic areas, one needs the extra assistance in preventing illnesses.   Mites mould and bacteria thrive from food and drink spills leaving unsightly stains.

Make Cleanliness your Priority today

Contact ITS Simply Clean today so you can continue with you day to day business and leave the cleaning and sanitising to the experts.  Your staff and clients will appreciate the convenience and comfort of the fresh environment we help provide.