What Lurks in the Office Carpets?

Carpets have been a staple in homes and offices for a very long time now, they have been there for so long, in fact, that we often overlook the substantial risks they pose to our everyday health. The reality is that your office carpet is riddled with pathogens, allergens and a host of other undesirable contaminants, which makes keeping them clean a priority for business or office administrators.

Mould & Mildew

Mold and mildew take root deep in the fibres of carpets, from where their spores can spread into the air. For many this poses little to no danger, but for those with respiratory ailments or allergies, it can result in a slew of health problems. This is particularly true for carpets placed in damp or dark areas with limited airflow.

Bacteria from Spills

There is no way that food or drinks won’t be spilled on your office carpet, and when they do the results can add up to more than just an ugly stain on the floor. These spills, if left uncleaned, will result in a build-up of bacteria which could undermine the health of your staff.

Mites and Parasites

If the microbial threat of bacteria isn’t enough to scare you into cleaning your carpet, then the dangers posed by larger examples of biological life should. A contaminated carpet could be home to a number of dust-mites and other parasites, which could be a problem for those people in your office with sensitive skin.

Get the Right Solution from ITS Africa Simply Clean

Keeping your office carpets clean should therefore be a priority for any business owner, and it can be done simply with the right equipment on hand.

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