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ITS Simply Clean, as a leading cleaning equipment supply company, have had vast experience in many aspects of this diverse market, supplying high pressure cleaners, vacuum cleaners, scrubbers, sweepers, mopping equipment, brush-ware, chemicals and many other such items to the industry. Our Car Wash Division has been involved in the installation of literally hundreds of systems for oil companies, car dealerships and privately run concerns around South Africa, and our equipment is renowned for its reliability and value for money.

Keeping the Drying Bay Tidy

It is important that your car wash always looks clean and tidy. This can be a problem particularly in the drying area which is prone to looking scrappy if constant attention is not given to addressing this situation.

Water Recycling Systems

The recycling and treatment of dirty water featured in vehicle washes and commercial high-pressure cleaning is often legally stipulated. The reclamation of waste water is not only eco-friendly but also economical.

Correct Detergents

Buying cheap detergents does not make your car wash more profitable, in fact it does exactly the opposite. We have a comprehensive range of trustedcar wash chemicals with the support to match.

Choosing A Structure

The prices of the structures vary considerably and when making your choice you need to consider not only your budget, but the surrounding area and the market segment you are entering. Click here for further information.

Choosing A Suitable Site

Choosing a suitable site is important and will impact greatly on the success of your business and in doing so you need to consider the following points which needs to be cleared before even considering an installation.

Our Car Wash Packages

Carwash Packages

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