Wine! Who does not love wine? Most of us do.  However, there is a lot more to making wine other than growing and stomping on grapes. And with anything else in life, it is important to keep everything clean and hygienic in order to offer a superior quality product. When it comes to wine, a great tasting wine is one that is full of flavour and aroma. However, this flavour could be compromised by improper cleaning. It is possible for wild yeast to spoil your wine, so it is important to keep your barrels as clean as possible.

The Importance of Winery Hygiene

By investing in winery hygiene, you are investing in fantastic wine. I know I do not really need to tell you that. But it never hurts to remind everyone every now and then that wine hygiene is not something that should be over looked or to cut any corners. By having wine hygiene, you are creating the best wine, and that is what your business is about. You work hard, exceptionally hard to maintain the standard that has come to be expected of your wine and by missing that mark could have consequences for your brand.

The Impact of the Wine Quality

You also know how different factors influence the taste of your wine, such as the type of grape that is used, or the environment that it grows in. The process of creating the wine also affects the tastes, and it certain pieces of equipment have left over wine from a different batch, it could taint the quality of your wine, or worse, it could spoil and that is a great waste.

Winery Cleaning Equipment

ITS Africa offers you access to great cleaning solutions for wine equipment, as well as various other areas of the agricultural industry. There are various high pressure hoses that specialise in cleaning equipment, as well as getting rid of any oils or crusts or grease that is prohibiting you from doing a great job and protecting your machinery. Get in contact with them to be able to view their wide range of Kärcher high-pressure cleaners and barrel cleaners.

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