aircraft vacuum duplicates

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These machines are built to an exacting 400Hz standard of operation, suitable for most aircraft power supply systems. Seriously strong in construction, generous accessories to a 38mm (1½”) standard, designed to clean aircraft and clean them well. We learnt from the 250 that the commercial cleaning business was rough and tough but, having said that, the majority of our early machines are still working 20+ years later. After all those years the AVQ250 is better than ever, the all-steel deep-drawn power head incorporates our patented Microtec noise reduction system; TwinFlo' performance is superb - too good sometimes - so we fitted a Hi/Lo control so you can turn the power down if necessary. Filtration is to our Tritex standard and the container is also a single deep-drawn steel pressing with superb 4-wheel mobility and stability. The standard accessory kit is to the same high standard, even down to stainless steel tubes and full size combination floor nozzle.


Similar in all respects to the RSV130 RucSac vac in terms of build quality and ease of use, the RSAV130 Has the special 115v/400Hz. motor system for aircraft usage. Surely this package must provide the ultimate in user-friendliness for use in the often cramped conditions experienced within aircraft main cabins. Features Fully adjustable harness Special 115v 400 Hz. motor Carrying handle Fully opening top Diffused air discharge Clean line design Stainless steel tubeset Light yet powerful


WIth 50% greater capacity than the RSAV130, the RSAV200 RucSac vac is ideal for larger aircraft where emptying downtime must be kept to a minimum. Very little weight penalty is experienced versus the smaller model, ensuring operator comfort and ease of use in the restricted areas experienced within even large aircraft main cabins