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ITS Africa supplies a range of specialised, high quality cleaning equipment and solutions to homes all across Southern Africa, including a range of Karcher Floor Cleaners. As part of our Home & Garden range of cleaning products, we offer a full range of Kärcher floor cleaners that are ideal for cleaning hard floors in the home. They simplify and speed up your approach to cleaning, while ensuring comfort through ergonomic and lightweight design, and come at an affordable cost.

We offer specialised Karcher floor cleaners that make any cleaning task at home a convenient affair. These solutions are developed to be highly effective and efficient, are completely mobile, and ensure an extensive lifespan of continued performance. Thanks to the convenient two-in-one function, wet and dry dirt can be mopped and suctioned in a single step, which significantly speeds up cleaning tasks and produces notably better cleaning results than using a mop and bucket.

Floor Cleaner FC 3 Cordless

The FC 3 Cordless floor cleaner easily removes spills and dried on liquid – without having to drag a bucket around or any need for scrubbing. It leaves surfaces 20% cleaner than a mop.* Battery running time: Approx. 20 minutes. Click here for pricing or to shop online.

Karcher Floor Cleaner FC 5

Karcher Floor Cleaner FC 5  - Removes dust and spillages in a single step, with a 7 metre power cable and quick floor drying time. Cleans 20% better than a mop.* Click here for pricing or to view online.

Karcher Floor Cleaner FC 7 Cordless

Never vacuum before wiping again: The Karcher Floor Cleaner FC 7 Cordless removes all kinds of dry and wet everyday dirt in a single step. In this way, it saves up to half the time**. Click here for pricing or to order online.