Battery Vacuum Cleaners

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Numatic Battery Vacuum Cleaners – Cordless flexibility, powerful cleaning  performance, increased productivity and also  low-noise operation.

230 V powered vacuum cleaners come to a halt at the end of the cable, the battery powered vacuum cleaners can go anywhere, no winding and unwinding, no pulling  along, no getting caught under furniture or under doors, no searching for and  constantly changing power sockets. No cable, but time savings with increased productivity.

You have everything you need with our Numatic Battery Vacuum Cleaners, top  performance and cleaning quality. All these machines easily compete with comparable 230 V powered dry vacuum cleaners. No power cable , it only gets in the way, no  more plugging in/out. They are unbeatable everywhere where space is tight, like  cinemas, buses, trains and aircraft.

Numatic NBV190/2 Battery Vac (Dry)

Numatic NBV190/2 Battery Vac (Dry) - There are many occasions when cordless professional cleaning is the most simple solution in difficult circumstances, avoiding any conflict with the public and concerns in complying with increasing issues of Health and Safety and increasing regulations in such applications as the cleaning of aircraft.

RSB150NX Battery Cordless Back Pack Vac

Combining total cordless freedom with the most advanced, certified HEPA13 filtration, providing high-efficiency filtration down to 0.3 microns at 99.97% efficiency.