Rotary Single Discs

Numatic Single Disc Range


ITS Africa is a leading supplier of Rotary Single Discs as well as professional, high-quality cleaning solutions from a range of leading manufacturers. As part of this offering, we focus on the supply of specialised Numatic cleaning equipment and appliances, which have been designed for exceptional performance and reliability, at competitive prices. Whether it be a hotel, hospital, kitchen, or public on transport, Numatic provides a cleaning solution that is fit for all applications. A simple formula underpins the basis of all types of our cleaning equipment: Innovation, Quality, and Competitive Price.

Single discs provide exceptional cleaning, ergonomic operation, and an attractive price tag. This range of solutions offers an approach to both small and large scale cleaning tasks that brings convenience alongside results.

LOLINE RANGE – The Loline range of low profile floorcare machines has been developed to meet both the growing demand and need for a choice of models that are smaller in size.
HFMG RANGE – All models are fitted as standard with our generous oversize Hurricane 1500W drive motor allowing for higher speeds and the use of added weight as required.
HFMG/HNSG RANGE – A new member of the Hurricane family designed to allow for effortless performance at higher burnishing speeds.
HFTG RANGE – There are more and more applications where the floor machine must fulfil two functions literally at the “Flick of a Switch”.
WOODWORKER – Woodworker Airo system – a complete package for revitalising and maintaining wooden floor surfaces.