Manual Sweeper

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HS771 Manual Sweeper (Imported)

With a 470mm - 800mm cleaning path, the HS771 Compact Manual Sweeper is a push propelled machine ideal for cleaning up playgrounds, courtyards, lots, theatres - almost any type of floor surface. The HS771 provides swift, smooth, quiet operation and features an adjustable side brush for easy access to smaller areas and a large 40litre capacity hopper that is a breeze to empty.

HS772 Manual Sweeper (Local)

With a 480mm - 920mm cleaning path, the HS772 Manual Sweeper is push propelled, when the wheel rotates, it drives the belt, the belt then drives the roller brush & side brushes to sweep the floor & collect the rubbish into the waste tank. Side brushes are designed to sweep the rubbish to the working area of the roller brush. Then the roller brush takes the rubbish into the water tank. Side brushes are very effective when sweeping corners.