NuChem Range

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GR5 is a water-based degreasing product that is environmentally friendly, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, non-flammable and anti-bacterial GR5 meets all the standards and conditions required in most industries. ISO 9001 : 2008 ISO 14001 : 2004 OHSAS : 2007 SABS Approved

NuBac is a water-based, super concentrated disinfectant and general purpose hygiene cleaner based on quaternary ammonium compound. NuBac can be used as an all-purpose disinfecttant and cleaner in food sensitive areas, including food processing equipment, ovens, restaurants, food transport vehicles, floors in food store warehouses etc.

NuBuff is a water-based, low solid polymer, assisting in maintaining the appearance and non-slip properties of various flooring surfaces that have been sealed. NuBuff can be used as an effective maintenance polish on vinyl and other flooring surfaces which include concrete, ceramics and various natural substrates. Used neat, it will assist in the longevity of the floor appearance and reduce the amount of build-up.

NuGen is a water-based, universal surface cleaner and all-purpose degreasing detergent, developed to be safe for use on most metals, hard and/or soft surfaces. NuGen can be used as an all-purpose degreaser and cleaner for walls, floors, engines, upholstery, carpets, janitorial, clothing and most other common interior and exterior cleaning applications.

NuMatt is a water-based, low-foaming and quick drying carpet detergent with excellent cleaning and soil removal properties. NuMatt can be used daily for all carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning applications.

NuScrub LFG is a water-based, low-foaming, food grade, heavy duty degreaser and general purpose cleaner for use through industrial auto scrubbers. NuScrub LFG can be used for daily cleaning of all hard surfaces. This low-foaming cleaner is perfect for floor cleaning via extraction and scrubbing equipment. It can be used for all interior and exterior heavy duty degreasing applications.

NuSeal is a water-based, non-slip, floor sealing, treating and protective polishing compound used to enhance the appearance of various flooring surfaces. NuSeal is used mainly as an effective floor sealing liquid. It can be used on vinyl and other flooring surfaces which include concrete, ceramics and various natural substrates. It will dry to a non-slip, high-gloss finish.

NuStrip is a water-based, heavy duty, non-ammoniated polymer stripper and industrial hard surface super cleaner. NuStrip can be used effectively when floors have excessive wax build-up and time constraints demand an effective first time polish remover.

The NuTab cleaning tablet is placed in the tank of a scrubber. One tablet for a container of 40 litres of water is responsible for the proper cleaning of all alkali-resistant and waterproof hard floors such as PVC, linoleum, stone and plastic.