Ride on Floor Scrubber

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Numatic Ride on Floor Scrubber

The Numatic Ride on Floor Scrubber will produce powerful cleaning results and is particularly suited to larger areas. These floor scrubbers ensure clean, dry and safe floors in minutes, offering fast and high quality cleaning results where ever they are needed.

A Numatic ride on floor scrubber will ensure complete cleaning control with an intuitive dashboard and operator controls as well as colour coded touch points.

The ride on floor scrubber range includes machines with various size tanks and scrubbing widths, each suited to different area sizes and floor types.

Points to consider when identifying the correct ride on scrubber drier are:
– Area size to be cleaned
– Type of floor to be cleaned
– Length of time required to clean the area
– Battery running time – can you clean the whole area in 1 charge ?

Battery running times are between 3 and 5.5 hours, depending on the scrubber model and battery type.  The batteries in ride on scrubbers require a full charge cycle, this mean that they should not be charged for a short period and the machine put into use again. The batteries should be left on charge after use and be allowed to charge overnight in the case of day shift use, and during the day in the case of night shift use.

Numatic ride on scrubber driers include on-board chargers for ease of use. The machine can be parked near a power socked and simply plugged in and left to charge.

CRO8072G-120T Ride-On

The CRO8072G-120T brings all the features of the popular 8055 model with an additional 30% scrub width. The 2 x 370mm brush configuration provides an astonishing 720mm cleaning width on a ultra compact Ride-on. More cleaning… same user convenience. The CRO8072G-120T will go into places where bigger machines are not suitable and anything smaller is just too small. • Compact Design - Means easy cleaning in tight spaces. • Anti Tip System - Prevents the machine from tipping when cornering on full lock. • On Board Charging - Easy and convenient, just plug and go. Fully sealed low maintenance Gel batteries. • Flexifill System - Easy filling and emptying with the flexifill system. • Easy Operator Control - With fully adjustable speed control. • Safety Features - Emergency stop button, removable power off key, horn button and built in hazard warning light are just a few of the safe.

TRG720 Ride-On Graphite

A more user friendly ride-on scrubber dryer would be hard to find. Designed to provide long, simple and reliable service day in, day out, with powerful and professional results, whatever the environment. The TRG720 is based on the well-established engineering of the Vario model, but simplified to provide a truly professional, cost effective workhorse. You can vary the water flow and the operating speed to suit a whole host of conditions from large, lightly-soiled areas, to heavy-duty scrubbing in more arduous conditions. Smooth acceleration/deceleration, slow start/stop and auto slow-down features all provide for enhanced drivability, manoeuvrability and safety. Simple, colour-coded operator controls provide for complete ease of use. With a commanding operator driving position, front wheel traction drive, a magnificent turning circle and one pass performance, the TRG720 ensures you get the standard you want, exactly when you want it... and fast. When it comes to machine maintenance, the brush deck sensor offers a non-mechanical contact solution, positioned so as to improve accuracy and provide easy access for servicing. With easy access for installation and maintenance of brushes, batteries and fuses. Safety features include emergency stop button, power off removable key and hazard warning light, just to name a few. Fully adjustable water flow rate gives the user more control when cleaning. Other features include ground strip to prevent static build-up, 72cm twin brush power head cleaning system and 140A traction controller for enhanced traction. • Cordless Cleaning - Up to 330min runtime with long-life GelTec batteries. • Versatile Convenience - Just plug and go with convenient on-board charging system. • User Comfort - Intuitive dashboard with operator controls and colour-coded controls. • Promotes Safety - Emergency stop button, power off key and hazard warning light. • A Tool For Every Job - Wide range of accessories, pads and brushes available..

TTV678G Ride-On

A comfortable, driver friendly, 120 litre, front wheel drive machine with a fantastic turning radius, gets in and out of places other machines just won’t go. The TwinTec Vario “three in one” (3 in 1) design has proved itself to be almost the perfect balance between sound common sense engineering and innovative and truly functional technology. Yes, one machine which can be set to 3 different working widths: 650, 750 and 850 and all at the flick of a simple selection lever. This doesn’t even need tools – anybody can do it at any time. You want it wide – fine... you want it narrow – 30 seconds is all that it takes. The unique arrangement of 3 independent scrubbing heads which, by virtue of a simple adjustment mechanism, can provide a choice of scrubbing widths which, with the addition of a selection of brushes and pads, can provide customised performance on almost any surface application. • Vario 3 in 1 Brush System - Simple adjustment mechanism provides a choice of scrubbing widths suitable for almost any surface. • Easy Dosing Pre-sets - Correct chemical dosing for every task. • Complete Cleaning Control - Operator has full control of cleaning speed, brush speed, water flow and chemical dosing. • Simple Operator Control - Soft touch dashboard control system. • Easy Maintenance - Easy access to batteries and fuses for service purposes and brush change is simple with the swing out brush cover. • On-board Charger - Simple and convenient, just plug and go. Fully sealed low maintenance Gel batteries. • Small Turning Radius - Means great cleaning even in tight spaces. • Safety Features - Emergency stop button, power off removable key, horn button and hazard warning light and built in reversing alarm are just a few of the many safety features included.