The KÄRCHER Pelletizers have a very robust stainless steel frame. The control panel has been designed very clearly and is operated via one button. The Pelletizers offer a widespread electrical control of the systems status. For example are oil level, oil temperature, motor overloading etc. monitored and potential errors are indicated via control lamps. Further more the hydraulic oil pressure and the CO₂-pressure are displayed in manometers. Installation: A CO₂-tank is necessary for the operation of the KÄRCHER Pelletizer. This tank can be rent from a CO₂-supplier. Advantages: Due to the possibility of a freely choosable production moment of the dry ice pellets, the cleaning task is easier to integrate in the daily working process. The fresher the dry ice pellets are at the moment of use, the more effective is their cleaning power. It is in the ideal case possible to halven the cleaning time with freshly procduced dry ice in comparison to several day stocked dry ice. In the same time the dry ice consumption is considerably brought down. Self produced dry ice not only saves logistical and planning efforts but also reduces acquisition- and storage costs. The pelletizers made by KÄRCHER do not only find professional use at users of an Ice Blaster in foundries, print shops, plastics injection molding factories and many other industrial sectors, they also find use everywhere where particularly heat sensitive products need to be cooled with dry ice. Way of working: During the procduction process liquid carbon dioxide is streaming into the pressing cylinder of the pelletizer and is consolidated into dry ice snow due to the loss of pressure. This snow is then hardened from a hydraulic cylinder and is getting pressed through an extruder plate. The so generated cylindrical dry ice rods are then broken to pellets. Optional accessories: For the automated operation we offer intelligent add-on kits. With the optional available load sensing equipment you can program the Kärcher pelletizer on a defined production output. It starts the production of dry ice automatically and stopps as soon as the set weight (dry ice volume) is reached. This add-on kit suits ideally for the automated operation of an Ice Blaster. Just place the Ice Blaster on the scale and let it fill continiously by the pelletizer. Optionally Kärcher also offers a timer module. With this module you can program the pelletizer to a defined runtime. After this time has elapsed the pelletizer automatically switches off. Pelletizers made by KÄRCHER will meet highest quality and safety expectations. For improving security during work we recommend especially in badly aerated areas and halls the installation of a CO₂-detector and -sensor. They will be activated and alarm if the CO₂-concentration at this place has exceeded a critical value.