Dulevo 200 Quattro Suction Sweeper

The Dulevo 200 Quattro industrial road sweeper offers a unique combination of compact mechanical and suction technology unlike any other road sweeper of its kind. These units are designed to work effortlessly in glass plants, steel mills, aluminium plants, wood milling plants, brick plants, markets, road construction projects and the mining industry to name a few. The 200 Quattro offers maximum productivity and 100% dust control backed up by low operating costs. The 200 Quattro works at up to three times the rate of traditional road sweepers.

TWith attractive features such as ease of use, quiet operation and a compact and comfortable design and layout, this unit can also be used either indoors or outdoors in wet or dry conditions. We also offer the Gore Dust Filter as an optional with this unit for optimal dust suppression. The Gore Dust Filter is PM10 compliant and is currently the best dust filtration system on the global market. Not only is it dust free but is also maintenance free

Super tough, 100% clean surfaces, 100% Dust free, PM10 Compliant, EPA and EURO approved as the world’s best dust control system.