The high-performance CV 30/1 carpet cleaner combines professional vacuuming, brushing and maintenance in a single unit. It is ideal for use in shops, showrooms, offices, ticket halls, hospitals, nursing homes, hotels, restaurants and households, and with its working width of 300 mm, even large areas can be cleaned quickly. It features a metal sole plate for long service life. The two robust joints between the brush unit and the suction unit withstand even high stresses and underscore the high quality of the machine. The brush unit and handle can be easily adjusted to the optimal working height. If the brush is blocked by large objects, the roller is automatically decoupled from the drive by the patented centrifugal coupling. The detachable suction tube with integrated corrugated suction hose can reach virtually all edges, strips, niches and corners. If necessary, the standard brush can be quickly replaced by another type, such as a harder brush (special accessory). Automatic brush decoupling in idle mode prevents deformation of the brush strip and damage to the carpeting.