Cleaning Solutions For Construction Sites & Equipment

Sticky Dirt

High hygiene standards are an indispensable part of professional animal husbandry because assured quality is the first step to optimal operating results. Gain improved hygiene and a healthy stock of animals.

Loose Dirt

With Kärcher high-pressure cleaners, not only stubborn crusts but, with the use of hot water, also oil and grease deposits can be thoroughly removed on agriculture machinery. We also provide barrel cleaners for wine growers.

Large-Volume Dirt

On large areas, cleanliness is essential for safety. With the high area performance of our ride-on machines, outdoor- and storage areas are effortlessly cleaned without interrupting or delaying routine logistics procedures.

Special Requirements

Effective surface preparation, whether roughening concrete, removing old coatings or loosening bitumen layers with cold-water extreme pressure appliances and pressures up to 2,500 bar.