Car Wash Equipment

If you are thinking of starting a new mobile car wash business or in fact already own and run such a business, then choosing the right vehicle cleaning equipment is a top priority. The equipment you choose will directly affect the outcome and profitability of your business based on cost, efficiency and long term durability. Kärcher, the leading cleaning equipment manufacturers, offers specialist vehicle cleaning equipment.

All Kärcher machines come with the extensive service and back up that are associated with the world’s leading brand of cleaning equipment. Kärcher’s focused commitment to producing premium quality vehicle cleaning equipment ensures that while productivity remains high, we have ensured that our machines keep running and maintenance costs to a minimum.

Kärcher can been seen as benchmark for innovative technology, design and service in the field of car wash equipment. For further information on what is suitable for your needs contact us with the provided request form.

Cleaning equipment is what we are good at – and this applies to mobile car wash equipment as much as it does to any of our other product ranges. Cost effective and efficient. Kärcher makes a difference.