Karcher Floor Scrubbers

Our scrubber driers are indispensable assets for professional cleaning companies. They are ideal for cleaning and caring for both hard and supple surfaces effectively, including deep cleaning, maintenance care and polishing. Flawless on flat surfaces and on the edges. If thereʼs one thing thatʼs indispensable for you, itʼs that floors are always perfectly cleaned and maintained – hygienically and to a shine.

Karcher Single Disc ITSSingle Disc Scrubbers

Whether it’s single-disc and polishing machines for hard surface maintenance or solutions for very demanding cleaning tasks, like on stairs or escalators: our other cleaning solutions.

Karcher Floor Scrubbers - PolishersFloor Polishers

When shoes leave marks: Kärcher polishing machines make floors shine again. Being battery powered, they can also be used during normal business hours.

Karcher Walk Behind Scrubber DriersWalk Behind Scrubbers

Walk-behind scrubber driers are perfect for efficient cleaning on medium-sized areas, such as in retail, swimming pools, halls, as well as corridors and aisles and on floors of many facilities

Karcher Floor Scrubbers - Escalator CleanerStair and Escalator Cleaners

Spotlessly clean in next to no time: Kärcher stair and escalator cleaners produce thoroughly clean results on escalators and travelators as well as stairs and window sills.

Karcher Ride-on Scrubber DrierRide-on Scrubber Driers

The ideal choice for cleaning large areas, such as in warehouses and production halls, shopping centres, car parks or airports. Here you also find our combined sweeper/scrubber drier machines.

BR_BD Scrub Head

Which Karcher Floor Scrubbers for which floor?

It is best to choose the right model of Karcher Floor Scrubbers according for your application, the is no “one-size-fits-all” scenario with scrubber driers.  You need to know the size of the area you wish to clean and how often you would like to clean it, and then you can make your selection after taking a number of other factors into consideration. A critical factor in deciding on the correct machine for your cleaning requirements is do you go with an electrically powered or battery powered scrubber drier ? In some cases the diesel powered combination scrubber/sweeper may be the correct choice.

Another other factor is which type of floor you need to clean, each floor is unique in it’s cleaning requirements. Once we have identified the correct machine for your application together with you, the next step is the correct type of scrub head and chemical.

Karcher Floor Scrubbers – Which Head ?

There are 2 scrub head options in the Karcher Scrubber Drier Range, those with roller brushes (BR) and those with disc brushes (BD). Each has its own unique features and benefits and is more suited to certain floor types or area types.

A scrubber dryer with a roller brush head is more  suitable for extensive deep cleaning of structured and heavily soiled floors thanks to its high brush speeds and a higher contact pressure per cm². This brush head technology also offers substantial advantages when dealing with coarse dirt as the contra-rotating rollers absorb the particles, which are then fed back to the coarse dirt container. This means that pre-sweeping as a previous work step is no longer needed.

Scrubber dryers with disc brush heads are generally used for maintenance cleaning and light soiling. These floor cleaning machines are especially popular for smooth floors and noise-sensitive areas, such as in hospitals or the hotel and gastronomy sector.

We have many years of experience in a wide variety of applications and welcome the opportunity to come demonstrate a few Karcher Floor Scrubbers and offer you a competitive quotation. Click here to contact us.