Karcher High Pressure Cleaners

Unbeatably versatile ! High pressure cleaning with Karcher, who have continuously optimized the principle of high-pressure cleaning since 1950 with more cleaning performance with less consumption, longer service life with shorter cleaning times. Karcher impresses with a product range that meets every requirement in terms of its technical sophistication and versatility: unheated or heated, with an electric or combustion engine, mobile or stationary.

Karcher Cold Water High Pressure CleanersCold Water High Pressure Cleaners

Clean machinery, vehicles, equipment and buildings with high pressure and high water flow rate. Cold water high pressure cleaners remove stubborn dirt and are ideal for small to large  areas from sensitive to very hard surfaces.

Karcher Hot Water High Pressure CleanersHot Water High Pressure Cleaners

With hot water, high pressure cleaners clean even better with the same amount of pressure, Karcher hot water high pressure cleaners impress with the highest level of operator comfort and the most up-to-date technology.

Karcher Hot Water GeneratorHot Water Generator

Hot water generators offer a simple and economical way to turn your existing cold water high pressure cleaner into a hot water high pressure cleaner – with improved cleaning performance.

Karcher High Pressure Washers

Karcher High Pressure Cleaners for Professional / Commercial / Industrial use, cold or hot water,  we have the ideal solution for all professional cleaning jobs.

High pressure cleaners for professional use clean large areas with water, from cars to construction equipment to public places and outdoor areas. They are variable in water flow and pressure and powered by 230 V or 380 V,  petrol or diesel motors. Depending on the application, compact to stationary high pressure cleaners, designed and engineered to meet your individual requirements.

Cold water high pressure cleaners are suitable for professional cleaning of buildings, vehicles and equipment. The water pressure guarantees that you can loosen solid dirt without damaging sensitive material. Just like cold water high pressure cleaners, hot water high pressure cleaners, often also referred to as hot water steam cleaners, impress with constant pressure and excellent cleaning performance. Hot water softens and breaks-down sticky, oily and greasy deposits on surfaces, making it easy to remove. Proteins and grease can be loosened effectively with hot water in the food industry. Grease, oil, resin, etc. can usually be removed with only hot water, less detergent is required or detergent can be omitted entirely.

With the high pressure cleaners you can tackle even the most stubborn dirt, cold or hot water, neither coatings nor the heaviest soiling stand a chance.

Karcher cleaning and care chemicals for high pressure cleaners are ideal for professional use in, trade, industry and the food sector. Optimum  cleaning results are achieved with minimal use of energy and time, and at the same time, they reduce wastewater pollution from mineral oil residues.


Hot or cold ?

Kärcher cold water high pressure cleaners
With cold water high-pressure cleaners, the impact pressure is crucial – ideal for removing non-adhering dirt and large amounts of dirt such as sand, mud, algae and moss.

The advantages of cold water pressure washers are:
• Lower acquisition costs
• No energy costs for hot water generation
• Fewer components
• More compact design
• Inexpensive maintenance and repair

Karcher hot water high pressure cleaners
Hot water high-pressure cleaners increase the water temperature from approx. 12 ° C to up to 155 ° C – perfect for removing stubborn, stubborn dirt such as sugars, oils, greases and soot.

The advantages of hot water pressure washers are:
• More effective breaking up of lubricant residues
• Shorter cleaning times and labor cost savings
• Germ- reducing effect
• Significantly reduced use of cleaning agents
• Protection of sensitive surfaces and the same cleaning effect at lower working pressure.