Street Sweeping Vehicles

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Dulevo produces a large range of ride-on street cleaning equipment designed to clean large outdoor areas, including loading bays, airstrips, urban areas, streets and car parks. The street cleaning equipment below is ideally suited to heavy-duty outdoor surface cleaning.

Dulevo 850 Mini suction street sweepers combine great sweeping capacity with ease of manoeuvrability. Thanks to its hourly output and a sweeping width of up to 1600 mm, these suction sweepers are the ideal solution for city centres and areas beyond the reach of traditional sweepers: sidewalks, stations, cycle lanes, pedestrian areas, parking, gardens etc. The power supplied by the 4-cylinder Kubota engine enables the suction sweeper to reach a speed of 30 km/h and travel along 25% gradients even during operation. Thanks to its exclusive central articulated joint system, the 850 Mini suction sweeper maintains its position even when fully loaded and travelling along steep gradients, thus ensuring extremely high levels of safety and comfort for the operator. Operator comfort is, as usual for Dulevo, a key element for developing and projected the 850 Mini suction sweepers are especially designed to work on uneven surfaces. Perfectly in line with the other Dulevo sweepers, great attention was paid to the cabin that is extremely comfortable and accessible, equipped with ergonomic and user-friendly controls. The 850 Mini combines great sweeping capacity with reduced dimensions and ease of use. The 850 Mini suction sweepers feature a high dump hopper allowing the operator to dump the picked up rubbish into a conventional waste skip or dump truck. This feature eliminates double handling of rubbish by greatly minimizing labour time and improving the cleanliness of municipal sites that is used in. The street sweeper and leaf sucker Dulevo 850 Mini combines compliance with strictest legislation in force on exhaust gas emissions and noise. The absolutely silent engine and sweeping system combines to minimize the environmental blueprint by making noise imperceptible.

The Dulevo 3000 Zero road sweeper is the only mechanical road sweeper in the world powered by CNG. Without modifying the sweeping capacities, A new sweeper that has full respect for the environment and looks after the hygiene and visual appearance of cities and their citizens.

World's only industrial, leaf sucker and street sweeper and washer capable of combining manouvrability, economy, serviceability with a superior sweeping and washing performance. Truly an all round sweeper delivering 100% dust control, maximum productivity and low operating costs...

Agile. Productive. Versatile. The compact waste collector is a tough, nimble workhorse that gets in and out of places the larger rear loaders cant. With its four wheel steering can be used to maneuver through the tight spots and twisty turns of the most exclusive cities, and doing it discreetly.