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Designed for use with hand held lances and all SP400 and SP1000 series guns, the Abrasive Injection Nozzle is perfect for special surface treatment jobs.

Corrosion resistant pneumatically powered rotary joints are drive and sealing elements for water blasting tools.

The Barracuda is excellent for cleaning difficult and irregular surfaces where an operator can more efficiently maneuver a hand-held tool.

Electrically powered rotary joints in corrosion resistant design perform as drive and sealing elements for water blasting tools.

Designed to reduce the risk of injury to operators in the event of hose or coupling failure. They provide effective protection as they have been tested to 3000 bar.

Hydraulic and electrically powered hose reels and Manually operated hose reels. For hose sizes 12 mm, 20 mm and 25 mm i/d 1000 bar, 1500 bar, 3000 bar nominal

ITS Simply Clean supplies a complete range of high-pressure hoses for all popular working pressures, up to 4000 bar.

Multi tool valves divides the flow produced by a pump between two or more water tools either simultaneously or individually.

Oil powered, corrosion resistant rotary joints serve as drive and sealing elements for water blasting tools.

Combining the features of motor and water blasting tools, powered rotor jets can be either electric or hydraulic with various power ratings.

We have a range of protective clothing to prevent possible water jet injury to the operator including gloves, boots, jackets and overalls.

Radio remote controls establish wireless connections between the high pressure pump unit and electrically actuated guns and other blasting tools.

Most commonly used as the basis for rotating water blasting tools, corrosion resistant rotary joints function as rotating high pressure sealing elements.

These rotating heads are attached directly to a high pressure hose and used to clean various pipes, sewers and smoke stacks.

High pressure spray guns serve as the switching mechanism between the high pressure pump unit and the various nozzles and blasting tools.

Hammelmann’s tooling boxes offer valuable protection for your tooling. Capable of handling temperature ranges between -40°C to 90°C.

The experts at the Hammelmann Technology Centre have developed and tested a wide range of water tools.