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ITS Africa is a trusted and leading supplier of the Karcher Electric Broom and a wide range of highly specialised, robust, and affordable cleaning solutions for various types of industrial facilities and setups across South Africa. We have a strong focus on our offerings on Kärcher products, which have been designed to provide facilities with the highest quality cleaning solutions at an affordable cost.

As part of these offers, we supply facilities with specialised Kärcher electric brooms, which offer a versatile, convenient, and effective cleaning solution for even the most gruelling operating environments.

What exactly is an electric broom?

Designed to improve the convenience and effectiveness of cleaning tasks in large facilities, Kärcher electric brooms are essentially a more lightweight, mobile, and versatile type of vacuum cleaner, that is particularly effective at cleaning hard floors, but they are also well-suited to cleaning other types of surfaces.

They are remarkably powerful, energy efficient, and effective, while providing operators with an ergonomic approach to completing cleaning tasks quickly, comfortably, and with exceptional results.



The Kärcher EB 30/1 Li-Ion brings professional users the ideal portable and battery powered cleaning solution for facilities of all types. They are effective and built to last since they are fitted with roller brushes and dirt collection containers that are easy to remove and replace.

They clean quickly, quietly, and reliably, making it the perfect solution for cleaning all kinds of surfaces in facilities, without interruptions, even during business hours.

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If you would like to know more about our specialised offers on the Karcher Electric Broom, be sure to get in contact with a representative from ITS Africa today, or feel free to continue browsing our website for additional information on our complete range of offers.