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ITS Africa is a trusted and leading supplier of Karcher Floor Polishers as well as a wide range of specialised cleaning equipment and solutions for homes in South Africa. We versatile and cost-effective solutions that simplify cleaning tasks, let you complete them more efficiently, and benefit from the comfort of a lightweight, ergonomic design. Backed by the exceptional quality that you can expect from Kärcher, these solutions are ideal for any home.

Well cared for floors are essential for a comfortable home. What was once a complicated procedure, involving many manual stages, has now been made very straightforward thanks to modern equipment from Kärcher. The high speed of the FP 303 vacuum polisher ensures impeccable polishing results on all hard floors, including parquet, laminate, stone, cork, linoleum, and PVC.

Floor Polisher FP 303

With its high speed the Floor Polisher FP 303 contributes to perfect polishing results on all floors such as parquet, laminate, cork, stone, linoleum or PVC. Click here for pricing or to order online.