Hose Pipes & Connectors & Hose Trolleys

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Karcher’s extensive range of Hose Pipes & Connectors & Hose Trolleys will bring a smile to the faces of garden lovers everywhere. Watering products designed to work in perfect unison allow you to work responsibly with your natural resources. This ensures that precious water is used in the most effective and economical way. To ensure that you can take maximum pleasure from the natural beauty of your garden, Karcher provides maximum-efficiency nozzles, spray guns, sprinklers, hoses, hose connection systems and storage systems. Whichever Karcher Hose Pipes & Connectors & Hose Trolleys you use, you know you have made the right choice.

Karcher attaches great importance to selecting materials carefully, being mindful of environmental impact and avoiding substances that damage the environment and harm human health, such as phthalates and heavy metals.