Cordless Window Cleaner

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ITS Africa is dedicated to providing homes across South Africa with the best possible cleaning solutions and equipment on the market, including the Karcher Cordless Window Cleaner, that has been developed to simplify and speed up window, glass and surface cleaning.

We supply the specialised cordless window vacs for homes across South Africa, that are designed to simplify window cleaning while drastically helping to improve the aesthetic quality of those households that use them, let the sun shine into your home with our specialised offers from Kärcher. Our offers on Kärcher cordless window cleaners are designed to ensure ease of cleaning, exceptional results, and mobility across all types of glass surfaces to ensure lasting results with much less effort than through other approaches.

If you would like to know more about our offers on the Karcher cordless window cleaner, be sure to get in contact with a representative from ITS Africa today.

Window Cleaner WV 50 Plus

Window Cleaner WV 50 Plus from Karcher, the first electric window vac developed from Kärcher for the optimal support of cleaning flat surfaces. The set contains a complete solution for cleaning windows. Click here for pricing or to order online.